Monday, May 3, 2010

Lots & Lots of Therapy!

     Life around the Hoover household has been very hectic lately.  We have now got Kaydence's PT rescheduled through LifeSteps of Garland with the PT she has always been with, which adds 2 more sessions of therapy per week to her schedule.  So, now there are 9 total sessions of therapy per week with there being 6 different types of therapies.  Plus, they are looking to add on at least one more, and we have to look into switching her Deaf Ed to private speech therapy...  Oh my, it's a lot!  Here is her current schedule for therapy...
     We, also, have to schedule another procedure for her.  This is for her hearing, however, she has to be sedated, because the child has to remain perfectly still for around 45 minutes.  Ok, well I just got that scheduled and it looks like it will be on May 28th.  So, it will be good to get that done and over with.  And on May 17th we will go to her GI doctor and he will change her G-tube to a button, which we are super excited about!  It will not be a very fun process, but after it is over it will be so much better!


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