Sunday, July 11, 2010

Riddick's 1st Birthday!!!

     On Sunday, June 27th, 2010, Riddick had his 1st Birthday Party!  A little early with his birthday being on July 2nd.  He had SO much fun!  The theme was Disney Pixar's Cars.  We watched the movie and had cake and presents.  His little guests were Aiden Neel and Eleina Thomas.  Plus, there were tons of family and friends.  He had a marble Cars cake, plus a mini cake just for him to tear into.  He was the happiest 1 year old on the planet, and loved the attention!  Now for some pictures of the big day:

The CARS cake!!!  With Lightning McQueen & Mater!
Riddick and Daddy!!
Riddick getting ready for cake!
"Oooooo," he's ready for cake!
His very own mini birthday destroy!!!
Blowing out the candle with Daddy!!
Party-Goers!!!  From left-right: Aiden Neel, Tom Hoover, Valerie Neel, Kerry Neel with Eleina Thomas on his shoulders.
More Party-Goers!!  From L-R:  Joshua Thomas, Lindsey Thomas, Brandon Hoover, Mitzi Hoover, and sister Kaydence Hoover!
Riddick, Daddy, and PaPa Woodall finally blowing out the candle!
The first touch of birthday cake...
And it's GREAT!!!
"Should I really be doing this?"
Perfect pose for the camera...
His first real bite of birthday cake!!!
Love it!!
And more Party-Goers!!  TJ Hoover (Daddy), Rachel Salvaggio, and Brandon Hoover.
 Happy & Messy!
No kid can resist the pink ducky beads!  They are everyone's favorite!
Riddick and ALL of his grandparents!!!  What a lucky lil guy!
Riddick and his VERY cool parents!
The traditional 1st Birthday Bath!!
Riddick opening presents with Auntie Val!  (She did the same thing for Kaydence's 1st birthday, so the rest of us can watch and take pictures)  This was a VeggieTales DVD from Miss Eleina Thomas and Fam!
His Grammy gave him sand toys to go with his sand table that had yet to arrive in the mail.
Riddick chewing on his Cars jammies that his Nana & PaPa gave him.
 Little toy trucks that his PaPa & MaMaw Woodall got him.
Blow-up penguin that he got from his Uncle Brandon & Ms. Rachel.
Riddick got a Batmobile from Uncle Brandon & Ms. Rachel!!
 A lion jack-in-the-box from Uncle Brandon & Ms. Rachel.
 Going after his Cars Ride-On!  His Nana & PaPa Hoover got him this.
LOVING it!!!
Riddick with his friends Aiden and Eleina!
Another one!
Riddick playing with Daddy and his ride-on!
Super Excited!!!

     He had such a wonderful day!  Thank you to everyone who came and made the day extra special for him!

Bridgett Hoover

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day-May 9th, 2010!

I had a pretty awesome Mother's Day this year!  I had my 2 beautiful babies, my amazing husband, my fabulous mother, my wonderful mother-in-law, my awesome father-in-law, and my crazy brother-in-law all together in one house for the celebration of us mother's!  We went to church that morning and had a great service, and then went to my in-law's house.  We ate Chicken Express, which was SO good.  We also took pictures.  Here are a few of the best ones:
 Right to left: Brandon Hoover (bro-in-law), Mitzi Hoover (mom-in-law), TJ Hoover (Hubby).
 Kaydence and Riddick in their wagon.
Kaydence and Riddick actually both looking pleasant!
Riddick took Kaydence's ducky beads!! 
Kaydence and Riddick again looking very pleasant...big shocker!
Riddick showing off...
Kaydence taking her beads back from Riddick.
I don't know what it is, but I LOVE this picture!!!  Riddick almost looks angelic!  LOL!
Riddick and Kaydence with their NaNa-Mitzi Hoover.
Kaydence and Riddick with their Grammy-Linda Woodall.
Me with my babies!!!
The whole Hoover Family!!!
The Hoover's!
I love my family!

     There are even more pictures on my Facebook account.  Then all us mommies opened cards and gifts and played with the babies.  It was a very fun and relaxing day.  Oh and I forgot to mention...TJ took care of the babies ALL day, man that WAS relaxing!  I feel like I hardly ever get a break, so that was a major treat.  So there ya have it everyone, I had a pretty blissful Mother's Day!  And I SO hope all of you did too!

Bridgett Hoover