Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day-May 9th, 2010!

I had a pretty awesome Mother's Day this year!  I had my 2 beautiful babies, my amazing husband, my fabulous mother, my wonderful mother-in-law, my awesome father-in-law, and my crazy brother-in-law all together in one house for the celebration of us mother's!  We went to church that morning and had a great service, and then went to my in-law's house.  We ate Chicken Express, which was SO good.  We also took pictures.  Here are a few of the best ones:
 Right to left: Brandon Hoover (bro-in-law), Mitzi Hoover (mom-in-law), TJ Hoover (Hubby).
 Kaydence and Riddick in their wagon.
Kaydence and Riddick actually both looking pleasant!
Riddick took Kaydence's ducky beads!! 
Kaydence and Riddick again looking very pleasant...big shocker!
Riddick showing off...
Kaydence taking her beads back from Riddick.
I don't know what it is, but I LOVE this picture!!!  Riddick almost looks angelic!  LOL!
Riddick and Kaydence with their NaNa-Mitzi Hoover.
Kaydence and Riddick with their Grammy-Linda Woodall.
Me with my babies!!!
The whole Hoover Family!!!
The Hoover's!
I love my family!

     There are even more pictures on my Facebook account.  Then all us mommies opened cards and gifts and played with the babies.  It was a very fun and relaxing day.  Oh and I forgot to mention...TJ took care of the babies ALL day, man that WAS relaxing!  I feel like I hardly ever get a break, so that was a major treat.  So there ya have it everyone, I had a pretty blissful Mother's Day!  And I SO hope all of you did too!

Bridgett Hoover

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