Friday, April 16, 2010


Today has been quite a long day...
     Kaydence had Vision Therapy this morning, which she did fair for.  It was at the house, so she always likes that aspect.  Then she has proceeded to be an incredibly difficult eater today.  She is always difficult, but today she was extremely so.  I just hate it when I cant get her to eat.  I also hate the fact that she doesn't like to eat!  Oh well, I'm working on it...  Even if it means just being satisfied that she has a peg tube (which will soon be a button), and that she will always be able to get the calories that she needs through that.  And of course we will NEVER stop trying to feed her food.  We want her to eat too badly to just stop giving her food.  However, we are finding that we just can't force her to eat either, hence the tube.  It's just so frustrating...  But again, oh well, we can only try so hard...
     My son has not been too easy to deal with today either.  He was getting into everything!  Which is basically a daily occurrence, however I was just not in the mood, seeing as how I was trying to get the apartment cleaned and ready for a friend to come over tonight.  He decided that he wanted to "help" me sweep the kitchen floor, and "help" me put the clean dishes away.  There was plenty more he "helped" with before I put him down for a "mandatory" nap.
     All-in-all, it was a long, tiring, frustrating day.  However, we ended the day with my husband (TJ) and I playing with the kids, and laughing and cracking up at how goofy they are, and that can so make a day like today all worth it... 
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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Rare Opportunity

Hello again!  I think I will just jump right on in with this one.  Today I was offered quite a rare opportunity.  An old high school acquaintance Facebook messaged me earlier today telling me that he had noticed that I do photography, and how he really likes my work.  He said that he has been living in California working on his career as a Hip Hop artist, and that he will be coming back to Texas in May for a visit.  So, he asks me if I would do a photo-shoot of him for his album cover.  He said that he likes my work and wants to help me out since we went to the same school and everything.  I have seen some of his interviews and things and he is very pro Texas.  Plus, I listened to his music and while it isn't the type of music I would listen to, he does sound very good.  So all-in-all this has been a major confidence boost in my ability to do photography.  Let's just pray that it all goes well, and nothing hinges on me taking the pictures.  AND that I do an AMAZING job!  Thank you!

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

LifeSteps Of Garland Evaluation

     Well yesterday I took Kaydence to get evaluated at LifeSteps of Garland with her ongoing PT, so she can start up services there and continue with the same PT.  For the most part she was not too impressed with going elsewhere for therapy.  She prefers to stay in the comfort of her own home, and who can blame her?  However, Becky, her PT, did put her on this little trampoline that has a bar that she can hold onto, and she really seemed to like it!  She was kind of unsure about it, but I think she will really get to enjoy it.  You see, her most favorite thing to do is to "bouncy-bouncy."  Whether someone is holding her and bouncing her up and down, or she is in a johnny jump-up, or a jumper, bouncing and jumping are the best things in life to her.  So, I have always been curious about these little trampolines.  I am super excited for her to start therapy here.  I think it will be great because Becky will have so much more that she can offer her here.  I will post a video of her on the trampoline, let me know what you think.  Oh yes, and my son was there as well, you will see where he tried to join in on the fun as 
** Well nevermind I thought I could add a video, but now I cant find where I can, if anyone knows how I would appreciate the advice, thanks!

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My Kiddos

I am so blessed to have 2 amazing children!  My oldest, Kaydence Arabella, was born on July 11, 2007, she is 2 1/2 years old.  My youngest, James "Riddick," we call him Riddick, was born on July 2, 2009, he is 9 months old.  

     My daughter Kaydence has special needs, and has been such a blessing to us.  She has a seizure disorder, is developmentally delayed, has vision impairment (wears glasses), has hearing impairment (wears hearing aids), sensory issues, feeding problems (has a peg tube that is about to be turned into a button), and has a genetic disorder, although the specific genetic disorder is unknown to us as of yet.  She does not walk or talk, however, she can army crawl.  She gets a long tube feed at night, because she will not eat enough during the day.  She has bright blue eyes, curly light brown hair, and the most contagious smile you will ever see.  I truly admire my daughter!  She goes through so much, doctors and therapies, and still goes on smiling and playing.  Don't get me wrong...she gets mad and angry, and cranky as well, but no matter what she goes back to being my happy little girl.  
     She has therapy every day, Monday through Friday.  Two days we go to Our Children's House at Dallas for occupational therapy, speech therapy for feeding, and psychology for feeding.  Then, the other three days of the week therapists come to the house to see her through Garland ECI.  For that she gets deaf education, vision therapy, and developmental therapy.  Soon we will be starting physical therapy at LifeSteps of Garland, where her PT from Garland ECI has just recently taken a position. There are also a multitude of doctor's appointments that she is being hefted to on a regular basis.
     In the Fall, Kaydence will be starting the PPCD program, where she will go half days to school.  I am really hoping that this will help her a lot, especially with interacting with other children. 
     My son, Riddick, is quite the boy.  He is the complete opposite from Kaydence in so many ways, except their looks and certain quirks.  He is big and strong for his age.  He is over the 100th percentile for his weight and height.  He is also very happy with an infectious smile, bright blue eyes, and light brown hair that is starting to curl.  He can say "baba," "mama," "papa," "dada," and "yellow."  Which is the cutest thing ever, especially when you have waited 2 1/2 years for your child to call you "mama."  However, he can be quite the little handful.  He gets into everything, his favorite thing is to find and eat paper, which he then throws up.  Yeah, it's great huh?  
     My kiddos are both wonderful and exhausting at the same time, and while I might deny this at a later date, I'm sure I wouldn't have them any other way.  

Bridgett Hoover

Monday, April 12, 2010


Hello Everyone!
First of all, thank you for visiting...let me tell you, I will be surprised if I have more visitors than just my close family.  I am a wife to an amazing man, and a stay at home mom of 2 wonderful children, and desperately seeking an outlet for all of my thoughts, emotions, and yes, anger and frustration as well.  
I am a Christian woman, yet a child in the knowledge of my faith.  I was saved just a few years ago in August of 2006.  I don't always do as I should, for example; go to church, read my bible, pray, but I am working on these things.  
I love photography, but my work is nothing special.  Since I have never been to school for it, my photos are no where near the quality of professionals.  However, I am sure I will always continue with it.  
Well, that is just a lil about me, I will post with a lot more juicy information incredibly soon.  Thank you for your interest!

Bridgett Hoover