Tuesday, April 13, 2010

LifeSteps Of Garland Evaluation

     Well yesterday I took Kaydence to get evaluated at LifeSteps of Garland with her ongoing PT, so she can start up services there and continue with the same PT.  For the most part she was not too impressed with going elsewhere for therapy.  She prefers to stay in the comfort of her own home, and who can blame her?  However, Becky, her PT, did put her on this little trampoline that has a bar that she can hold onto, and she really seemed to like it!  She was kind of unsure about it, but I think she will really get to enjoy it.  You see, her most favorite thing to do is to "bouncy-bouncy."  Whether someone is holding her and bouncing her up and down, or she is in a johnny jump-up, or a jumper, bouncing and jumping are the best things in life to her.  So, I have always been curious about these little trampolines.  I am super excited for her to start therapy here.  I think it will be great because Becky will have so much more that she can offer her here.  I will post a video of her on the trampoline, let me know what you think.  Oh yes, and my son was there as well, you will see where he tried to join in on the fun as well...lol. 
** Well nevermind I thought I could add a video, but now I cant find where I can, if anyone knows how I would appreciate the advice, thanks!

Bridgett Hoover

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