Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Rare Opportunity

Hello again!  I think I will just jump right on in with this one.  Today I was offered quite a rare opportunity.  An old high school acquaintance Facebook messaged me earlier today telling me that he had noticed that I do photography, and how he really likes my work.  He said that he has been living in California working on his career as a Hip Hop artist, and that he will be coming back to Texas in May for a visit.  So, he asks me if I would do a photo-shoot of him for his album cover.  He said that he likes my work and wants to help me out since we went to the same school and everything.  I have seen some of his interviews and things and he is very pro Texas.  Plus, I listened to his music and while it isn't the type of music I would listen to, he does sound very good.  So all-in-all this has been a major confidence boost in my ability to do photography.  Let's just pray that it all goes well, and nothing hinges on me taking the pictures.  AND that I do an AMAZING job!  Thank you!

Bridgett Hoover

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