Monday, May 3, 2010

LifeSteps of Garland-PT

     Today was Kaydence's first day having physical therapy at LifeSteps of Garland.  However, it is still with the same PT that she has had since she was 1.  She did pretty well all things considered.  She still screamed and cried a decent amount, but she had some fun as well, so major bonus there.  Becky, her PT, put her on one of the swings and worked with her on that for a while, and even though she was unsure about it and fussed some, she seemed to enjoy it pretty well.  However, she did not like the fact that Becky let her brother roam all around the room.  Riddick was super curious about everything there, but mad that I wouldn't let him get close to Kaydence and what she was doing.  Here are some pictures from my cell phone, so quality is not that great:
On the swing with her PT, Becky!
Swinging on the swing!
Testing out the ropes!
On the bolster swing!  She didn't care for this one as much.  Do you see a certain little someone crawling about?  hehe.
On the bolster swing still, and right after this she actually let Becky hold onto her hands for a lil while, that is amazing for her! 
Riddick checking out the equipment while watching sister swing.
Riddick had to give Ms. Becky some hugs, and Kaydence cried over the beach ball.  However, she was laughing right after this, so she was just getting tired of therapy.
Riddick chillin' and waiting for sister to be done.

It was a pretty good session all things considered.  I am really excited to see what Becky can get her doing at this new place!


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